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christian louboutin burlesque shoes for sale

 However, Louboutin himself has said he doesn’t design his shoes for comfort – they are designed for the woman who wants to stand out!  He’s clearly never worn a pair of his own shoes for an extended period of time.  But still … he’s a brilliant man and women all over the world are happy to suffer in silence. so let’s not complain!

Anyway … these are a killer pair of Pigalle if you ask me – turquoise, spikes and that gorgeous red sole for the ultimate pop of colour – I would suffer for these (likely not in silence though!)

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …



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♥ Lime Crime Velvetine – Red Velvet – get on mah lips!

I ran out of my Red Velvet Velvetine ages ago and it has been out of stock all round the world for SOOOOOO long!  Anyway … it has finally become available again and as soon as I saw the notification I was on my little computer shopping away like crazy!  As we speak my Red Velvet is winging its way to my eager little lips!  Squeeeeee!  I love this stuff so much – it is the most stay-onny lip stuff ever (I’m not sure what to call it – it’s not really a lipstick, it’s not a gloss and it’s oh-so-much more than a stain.)  Anyway … I wrote a review about it here.  But if you don’t have time to read it – here’s a summary: buy some!  I got mine from ♥  Betsey Johnson Hearts & Lockets necklace

Isn’t this fab?!  Another gorgeous Betsey piece to add to my collection.  Her jewellery is always such happy, funky stuff and the quality is great – especially for the price.  This one is extra-cool in that all the lockets actually open, meaning I can put photos in them!  And I do so love Betsey’s trademark packaging of hot pink satin with leopard print accents!

♥ The Ginger Kisses

Sister act, The Ginger Kisses, are one of my most favourite burlesque acts; they’re gorgeous, exuberant, funny, sexy, raunchy and talented!  As individual performers, they’re wonderful, but when they perform together like they did recently in Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelorette Bash, a certain magic happens!  Check out their Facebook page here.

♥ My quick-fire Q&A with Teer Wayde

Teer is my pinup idol, so I was SOOOO excited to have her on my blog.  So much so that I’m putting her in my MumptyLoves so I can show off again!  Click here for the Q&A with Teer.

♥ My crazy burlesque class (and my crazy burlesque teacher!)

One week it’s “Cruisy Sexy”; the next it’s Bumps & Grinds and walking like ducks (well, that’s what it felt like anyway!) What happens at burlesque, stays at burlesque right?!  Well not really actually – I have a lot of laughs practicing at home some weeks!  Anyway … this week’s class was one of my favourites ever … a crazy, funny, sexy combination of bumps, grinds and struts … my three favourite burlesque things!  Oh … and here is my burlesque teacher, Ms Tittle Tattle, featuring in our local newspaper.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!

♥ Coffee

Because … yum!  And the good thing about coffee is that although it’s awesome all by itself; it’s so often enjoyed in the company of friends and family, and that is just cool.

And to round up MumptyLoves again this week … the Louboutins!

These are the Pigalle Plato’s from the Spring 2013 collection.  These would be FABULOUS to have in one’s wardrobe, doesn’t one think?   So very versatile with the red AND the hot pink!

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …



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♥ Nivea In-Shower Smooth Lotion Skin Conditioner

As Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives would say, “I bloody love this stuff!”   And I do!  I got it as part of my Black Box package and so far, I am very impressed.  You know how you get out of the shower, dry yourself off, then mositurise your legs, arms etc – and then you to wait for a while before you put your clothes on because the moisturiser is still a bit sticky?  Nuh-uh – not with this stuff.  It’s kind of a weird concept, but basically what you do is use your normal body wash in the shower, rinse it off and then in the shower, while you’re still wet , you apply this stuff (and it’s goes on SO easily) and then rinse it off, hop out of the shower (or you can just get out – you don’t have to hop!) and dry yourself.  Done!  No waiting around; no sticky legs; you just get dressed and you’re good to go!  Perfect!  And it really does moisturise too, which is handy given that’s what it claims to do! ♥  Bombshell Burlesque (Glamilton) This is my burlesque class and I LOVE spending my Wednesday evenings at class – I get to dress up and strut around posing and having lots of fun with my fellow class members – and, of course, our brillant Head Mistress, Ms Tittle Tattle. If you’re in Glamilton, come along … you will love it! If you have always been curious about burlesque but haven’t tried it – I urge you to get along to a local class and give it a go. I swear there’s a good chance it will change your life. I wrote a post about how it changed mine here. Mwahhhh!

♥ Chocolate Box Sparkling Shiraz

Now I’m not normally a red wine drinker, but a couple of years ago we were given a bottle of this as a gift, along with the promise that it would “totally convert you.”  And my goodness, it did!  I still don’t drink red wine, but I do drink this!   It’s an Australian sparkling shiraz made from premium Barossa grapes and in my professional sommelier’s opinion, it’s YUM!  (That’s a technical wine term!)  They’re billing it as the perfect wine to accompany your Christmas turkey and ham and also as the perfect drop to leave out for Santa.  Sorry Santa … it won’t be hanging round on the mantelpiece at our place!  Retail price is approx. NZ$29.99

♥ Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelorette Bash! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be “Door Dolly” at local Glamilton diva, Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Bountiful Bachelerette Bash!  It was a fabulous show and a wonderful way to celebrate her last few days of single life!  Miss Bettsy has allowed me to write about it on next week’s blog, so I won’t say any more *wink*  (Photo by David Rowe Photography) 

♥ One of my long-time favourite blogs: Yes and Yes

Sarah von Bargen’s “Yes and Yes – because Yes is more fun than No” is one of the most enjoyable blogs I follow.  I’ve  followed her for about three years now and that’s a testament to a) her content; b) her professionalism and sense of humour and c) the frequency with which she posts.  Sarah is a very talented writer and an international traveler – check her blog out for awesome features like “True Story: …” Web Time Wasters, Network of Nice and lots of cool discussions on travel, business, blogging, fashion, food and just being generally awesome!

♥ My “local” – Punnet Cafe Located just five minutes from home, Punnet Cafe is an essential stop on my way to work and has been for a good couple of years now!  They serve great coffee and food; it’s a gorgeous place (and even better now having undergone extensive renovations recently) and the staff and owners are awesome!    Check out their Facebook page here … this weekend they’re having their big Strawberry Farm Festival to celebrate the new season; the strawberries being available and the opening of the new playground and renovations.  There is also a truly fabulous grocery and collectible store as part of the complex – their Facebook page is here.

And to round up MumptyLoves this week … the Louboutins!

The Justinodo by Christian Louboutin – aren’t they gorgeous?!  The bows are killer and I love the gold accent at the back.

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …



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♥ Trilogy Rosapene night cream and Rosehip Antioxidant Oil  My skin was so.bloody.relieved when this little duo arrived in the mail!  Since I ran out of moisturiser about a month ago, I’ve been dabbling in all sorts samplers and testers and my skin finally rebelled and said “ Give it up Mumpty and get me the good stuff, or you’ll pay – I’ll bust out the wrinkles .”  And at first I didn’t listen, and so the wrinkles got busted out – and my goodness, I got that Rosapene business back on my bathroom shelf quick-as-a-wink!  At my age, if your skin gets dry, you might as well send those wrinkles a written invite to come and stay!

Thankfully the Trilogy Rosapene night cream, in conjunction with the Rosehip Antioxidant Oil, sorted out my skin’s woes and it’s now feeling all properly hydrated and plump again; thus minimising my  wrinkles character-proving-laugh-lines.

♥  This iconic Chanel “charms handbag” …  Now I wouldn’t normally feature a Chanel handbag on here because I am an extremly loyal Louis Vuitton fan (!) however this vintage one is beautiful and I am a sucker for charmy things like this!  Chanel really do create some lovely handbags and this collector’s piece is certainly one of them.  Which is your favourite charm?  Mine is the Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle, followed closely by anything with a crown.

♥ Our daughter has turned ten and this was her birthday cake! Every year I decorate our daughter’s birthday cake in whatever theme she chooses; in the past she’s had piggys, Shrek, In the Night Garden, daisies, The Faraway Tree – all sorts!  This year, she made it suuuuper-difficult by wanting not only owls, but Olaf and Lego as well!  While I’m not actually 100% happy with any of the elements, I think overall it was a kinda cool cake and since I was up till 1am making it, I went a little easy on myself for Olaf being a slightly “Halloween” version of himself!  Anyway, she loved it, so that’s me done and dusted for another year on the cake-decorating front!  Do you decorate your own cakes?  It’s kinda fun/kinda “I-wish-I-had-never-gone-there-in-the-first-place-and-set-up-that-expectation” right?!

♥ L’oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Serum I got this a) on the recommendation of Kirsty Leigh at Makeup Obsessives; and b) because it has pretty pink packaging!  (Ch zxhkhseb. christian louboutin shoes outlet canadaeck out Kirsty’s cute vlog on the full range here.) Although I’ve only been using it for a week and therefore probably shouldn’t even mention it yet, I’m going to ‘cos I live life on the edge ya’ know!  Anyway … I like it; it glides on easily and leaves my skin feeling super-soft.  Tick from me (and tick from Kirsty too by the way!)

♥ Curves to Kill Curves to Kill is the wonderfully visual blog of Teer Wayde, a completely beautiful plus-size model and blogger from Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve been following Teer’s blog for a while now and stylistically it’s gorgeous.  She does some stunning photo shoots as well as providing well-researched reviews for pinup babes.  I highly recommend you check her out.

♥ My blog post on what I’d buy if I had $800 to spend at Sephora … OK … so I’m self-promoting, but let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you may well have already read my post!  And I like my post – it had pretty cool things in it.  If you haven’t already, read it here.

And finally … the Louboutins!  I love this photo so much that I had to include it.  Now are these “killer heels” or what?!

Image via

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …



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♥ Karen Farley Age-Defying Intensive Moisturiser

This was SUCH a timely little suprise when it arrived in my mailbox!  I had run out of moisturiser a week or so ago; the Sukin sample I’ve been using is just not heavy enough for me and I am waiting for my “courtesy of Flybuys” Trilogy Rosapene cream to turn up.  So getting back to the Karen Farley moisturiser, I ordered a sample of this AGES ago off their website and had forgotten all about it to be honest, so when it turned up, I was happy, happy!  Their products are all-natural and organic so that’s a nice start.  I’ve been using it for three days now and so far I’m loving it; it smells fabulous, feels luxurious to put on and my skin feels plump and hydrated in the morning (my butt feels plump in the morning too, but I think that’s just too many carbs!)  I’m liking this one and think I might buy a full-sized one when my Rosapene runs out.

♥  The Louis Vuitton Icons collection – Cindy Sherman In last week’s MumptyLoves we looked at Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld.  This week it’s the Cindy Sherman collaboration – Cindy created one of the most gorgeous, limited edition items I’ve ever seen; the “Studio in a Trunk” featuring silk-screened patches that recall vintage hotel labels; a luxurious vanity case; a camera Messenger bag and a total of 31 drawers to accommodate treasures large and small.  The colours dazzle and are based on the hues of Cindy’s pet macaw, Mister Frida; there’s even a fold-up stool!  Louis Vuitton has only created 25 of these, so if any of my photographer friends are keen, you’ll have to get in quick!

Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts collaboration with Cindy Sherman – the limited edition, Studio in a Trunk

♥ My new skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing … the Jenny skirt in the Dancing Horses print

I’ve been wanting this for a while so when it came on sale, I decided I was just damm well going to get it.  And guess what?  It fits; it’s pretty and it’s very, very girly!  ‘Nuff said.  And goodness; the shipping was fast.  I ordered it on Friday and it arrived Tuesday lunchtime – impressive huh.  Especially since the Monday was a long weekend.  Well done PUG – you rule!

♥ Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry 

I love the Lime Crime Velvetines – they go on well, last forever (like FOREVER!) and although I love the bloody-near-impossible-to-find Red Velvet, I am still very much enamoured by the gorgeous hue known as Suedeberry – particuarly with summer coming up.  The picture above is a bit rubbish when it comes to demonstrating how great Suedeberry is, but it’s all I could find OK?!  I did a little review of the Velvetines here – it was a face lip-off between OCC Lip Tars and Lime Crime Velvetines – check it out!

♥ Blogging

Top L-R: Joanne Gair, Miss Victory Violet, Elvis Presley. Middle L-R: Marilyn Monroe, Paula Penfold. Bottom L-R: Kylie Bax, Miss Chevious Cinders, Kirsty Leigh

Even though I’m still only a “baby blogger” and have only been blogging five minutes in the scheme of things, I’m absolutely loving it – I can’t believe I didn’t start my wee blog AGES ago!  If you’re reading this, I hope you’re enjoying my blog as much as I am – check out all the awesome people I’ve been able to talk to already – so cool – and I’ve got lots more in the pipeline too.  If you want to read any of these Q&A’s, click here.   ♥

♥ Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk … 

If you’re in New Zealand and you haven’t heard of the cult-like Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk, you must have been living under a rock!  Billed as the “perfect marriage” between Lewis Road Premium Whole Milk and Whitaker’s  5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk Chocolate – and it is DIVINE – you will not taste better!  Hunt it down …

And finally … these!  Aren’t they bloody gorgeous – and so understatedly (!) glam !  The Christian Louboutin Pensee – these would SO match my earrings *wink*

What are your favourite things this week?

Enjoy …



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Hi, I'm Mumpty- a make-up loving Mum from Glamilton who just happens to love pinup, burlesque, shoes and all things girly!

I love wearing colour, but don't mind a good LBD either. I love Betsey Johnson earrings and I'm obsessed with Louis Vuitton handbags.

Thanks for popping by my little corner of the internet.

Mumpty xoxo

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