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FAQs : christian louboutin outlet online Scarpe Christian Louboutin online


How do I make a purchase?

Shopping at /"> is easy:

1. Choose your item by categories,search or price.

2. Once you have found an item, choose your size and click on the 'Add this to my cart' button on the product page.

3. Register an account to fill your shipping details.

4. Following 3 step order guide online.

5. Complete the order and payment.

What's your red bottom shoes made of ? All of them are genuine leather and calfskin made with top workmanship guaranteed.

Does the shoes come with red bottom box and dust bags?

Yes, all the shoes come with original red bottom shoes box and dust bags.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

Credit Card (Visa, Master, JCB Card...) and alipay can be accepted on our website. Please contact us to pay by alipay if you prefer this payment method,we will send you a alipay invoice,it's 100% secure and so easy;Also Western Union or Money Gram is welcome,and we offer 5% off on Western Union or Money Gram methods.

What if I do not have a alipay or credit card?

You can also place an order via email at you will be instructed to send your payment through Western Union or Money Gram (Save more 8% OFF if you pay with these two methods)

Can you make shoes in extra large or small size such as EUR 33 or Eur 44?

Yes, for some shoes. The usual size we can offer are whole size during Euro 34~41, and we can make half size,smaller size to Euro 33, larger size to Euro 44 (Eur 33- Eur 44) for most shoes but not for all shoes, so please contact us if you want to customize your size.

Is your site secure?

Yes all orders are processed through alipays 100% secured "https servers , all other info is safe and we never share other info with any other parties. Also smoothly via hackersafe .etc.

What are the return, exchange, refund policies?

We offer money back guarantee on all red bottom shoes returned within 7 days of receipt. This refund does not include the cost of shipping. We also guarantee that our red bottom Shoes will not be seized by customs. If a customs officer seizes your merchandise we will replace them once. Refunds are issued in the same form in which the original payment was made and may take up to 7 business days after the receipt of goods.

Will the package arrive in time or will i meet the problem with custom?

We have many years experience in red bottom shoes shipping to worldwide. We guarantee that the items will be sent to you directly.

How long can I receive items?

It usually need 3~5 days to process and prepare the shoes. The shipping time is about 4~7 days. If you don't receive your order over 14 days please contact us and we will check for you.

How will you ship my order?

We ship all our shoes through courier services (EMS,DHL,Aramex) to your door. You will receive a tracking number so you can track the progress of your shipment.

Do you ship the red bottom shoes internationally?

We ship red bottom shoes anywhere in the world. We uses DHL,Aramex and EMS Express Courier for all of our shipments. We always ship within 4-7 days and guarantee the arrival of all of our shipments. Please contact us if your shipment is not received in a timely manner after receiving your tracking information. We have worked with these companies for a long time and guarantee your shipment.

Do you charge sales tax?

No, we will send the goods as a gift to you , so you would not to pay the sales tax.

What should I do if I don't receive my goods that I order from your company?

If your packages had been in customs for more than 12 days , we would attempt to have them released. If can't , we would resend you 50% of your original order.

How to get your wholesale price?

We are focusing on wholesaling the goods worldwide. You can set up a trial order to inspect the high quality of our products and our best service. Any dissidence please consults with our sales staff.

Are all products showed in the website?

We are not putting every item of the red bottom on this site now. If you are looking for other style which is not displayed on this site,please tell us which one you like,and we can supply most of them to you.

How to know whether the products you ordered has been sent or not.

After we receipt your payment,we will send the products which you ordered to you within 3~5 days, Please note check your email, also we will send the parcel tracking number to rwcmrwhr. Scarpe di vendita Christian Louboutinyour email, you can check the mailing status of products through the tracking number.

If we send the wrong item, you should take a picture of the item sent to our email first.

If you find the products you received is not the same as the ordered one, please sent a picture of the items to our email, after confirmation it, we will give you exchange.

Scarpe Christian Louboutin online

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2010年8月20日星期五 Home Business A Scam Thats it no more, living for Friday and Monday always comes too soon. Day in, day out and your boss, if only there was a way around that pay check. Its time to start your own business. 95 percent of all businesses fail. Thousands of people are deciding to work from home and are making it work. So what guarantees you a place among the 5 percent? Actually its more like 3 percent but i am not trying to scare you. First of all, replicas de relojes , lets look as some of your options. You may wish to work from home but still pick up your paycheck, so in your current job is there a possibility for this option. You will find many bosses who are willing to help arrange this. Do you have any skill, which you could market to online companies, if so, you will need to get your portfolio and resume somewhere it can be accessed online. The traditional methods work as well but remember with the advances in technology we have easy access to the global market. Starting a business yourself. When you do a search on google for a phrase like, start your own business, nike air max , you may feel overwhelmed with the results. At the time of writing the number was 583,000,000. Narrow the search by including an area of interest, vibram five fingers , which attracts you. You are more likely to remain focussed and committed if the business is interesting to you. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, tiffany , these offers will differ greatly. If this is unfamiliar territory beware of spending large amounts on a website as that is the easy part. Regardless of the opportunity you choose, do your research. Use the internet to research the owners name. Read the comments about the owner, but a word of caution, people love to complain so take your time. Research the company and if there are testimonials in the sales page, link on to their web page and send a brief email. If their site is down or you get no reply it should speak volumes. Do they supply a proper address or just a p.o. box number? Its an old adage but if it looks to good to be true more times than not it is. Remember this is your future and if you wish to be in that 3 percent it takes continual action on your part. Study success and copy success. The rest is up to you. 发帖者 e 时间: 下午8:12 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: replicas de relojes Federal Rescue for Fannie and Freddie The government has taken over mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to help lower mortgage rates and allow more Americans to get affordable loans.       The federal rescue, zapatos mbt , announced by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Sunday, September 7, manolo blahnik , gave homeowners a glimmer of hope amid the long-running housing market crisis. Both Freddie and Fannie have taken a beating over the past months due to a drop in home prices, rise in foreclosures, and increase in delinquent mortgages. Government intervention to save the housing market seemed necessary.       Benefits       Federal assistance is set to provide as much as $200 billion to help both mortgage giants cover their losses. This, hopefully, will restore confidence among investors, resulting to lower interest rates.       While this is not a permanent cure for the ailing housing situation, the government takeover will stop it from declining any further. By restoring faith in both Fannie and Freddie, it would help calm financial markets and make mortgage loans easily accessible.       It would eventually benefit consumers by helping them refinance to a more feasible mortgage payment scheme, get a better rate when they buy a home, mbt scarpe masai , and have an easier time in getting their mortgage loans approved.       It’s a win-win situation that will lessen foreclosures and improve the housing market.       Conservatorship       The government placed Fannie and Freddie under conservatorship or under temporary management by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). The agency will oversee operation of both government sponsored enterprises (GSEs) until they are stable enough to manage themselves. In keeping with the general overhaul, two new CEOs have been named: Herb Allison for Fannie Mae and David Moffett for Freddie Mac.       Future moves       The government aims to save about $2 billion annually by getting rid of profits from common and preferred shares. Those who own common shares get a part of a corporation’s stocks plus a voting power, while those who own preferred shares are given priority in payment of profits or dividends.       The Treasury Department is trying to come up with more ways on how to improve the housing and financial market, and that includes buying mortgage-backed securities and stock from Fannie and Freddie. ( ) is a site that aims to provide information about mortgage-related concerns like refinancing your home, interest rates, using your home equity, nike air max 90 , down payments, home improvement loans, and many others.   发帖者 e 时间: 下午8:12 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: manolo blahnik Secured Loan IVA UK: Ease Your Life through Settlement Based on Your Term Secured loan IVA UK is the settlement between the lenders and the borrowers. According to it, gafas de sol , the debt is repaid to the lenders by the borrowers based on the legally binding agreement. In 1986, IVA was implemented by government. It stands as a support to the interest of the borrowers and creditors. The contract is legally binding on both of them. The certain portion of your amount is repaid. Further interest on the loan is frozen. This means that no more interest is added with the debt henceforth.        Secured loan IVA  UK is the alternate option to bankruptcy. In bankruptcy, your job may be at stake and your bank account is seized. An Insolvency Practitioner is appointed to take care of the whole proceedings. This prevents the creditors to start bankruptcy. The insolvency Practitioner takes the responsibities so that the borrowers repay the amount to the lenders.       The repayment tenure for secured loan IVA UK is 3 to 5 years. The consent of the creditors is taken into count. Generally, 70% of the amount is written off. But it is not necessary that your solicitor will always be able to manage it. The amount must be over £15,000. This is so because it is expensive procedure.  The eligibility criteria for secured loan IVA UK are:  ?You must be a resident of UK.  ?The amount should exceed £15, christian louboutin ,000.  ?Creditors do not allow less than 30% debt.  ?You must owe the amount to three to four different creditors and not different debts to the one bank.  ?You must be employed or have a regular income. This should be supported by papers. The amount of income must be greater than £1200.  ?You must not possess material assets of any kind to be used to pay the debt off.         Christian Phelps is a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from Lancaster Uni. Management School. He has been working with loan for IVA since his academics got over. 发帖者 e 时间: 下午8:12 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: gafas de sol 2010年8月17日星期二 Spray Tanning : Why Spray Tanning Is The Superior Tanning Option People that live in countries without regular sunshine often resort to using a tanning booth throughout the year, just so they can have that healthy look all the time. Technology has come to the rescue to an industry that is having problems, owing to the rise in cases of skin cancer, with some newer techniques that pose less danger. The fastest growing artificial method is spray tanning which is generally carried out at a beauty salon. If you want to have a fake color that does not have streak marks then spraying seems to be the superior system over creams and lotions. Manufacturers, quick to join the rush, have produced home spray tanning systems. Whatever type of fake tan you intend to use as a regular method, there are a number of things that can help to make it last longer and improve the look. Cleaning the dead skin off your body is the most important step using a proprietary exfoliation scrub which can be bought from any drugstore. What you don't want is for people to recognize your tan is a fake by noticing paler patches of skin where the dead skin cells have dropped from your body. To complete this part of the preparation, vibram fivefingers , the skin needs to be moist and ready to accept the tan so a good skin moisturizer will need to be applied all over. One of the biggest mistakes people make at this stage when applying a bronzer from a bottle or cream application is to forget to wear gloves, this leaves them with orange palms which is hard to disguise. To avoid any other application mistakes that could give away the fact that the tan is not real, make sure those fingers, louis vuitton , feet, nike store , elbows and knees are only given the lightest of coats as they have a habit of coming out darker. Even spray tanning can cause the odd problem if there is an excess and it starts to run so take a towel you no longer want with you to wipe it off. Always stay as still as possible after artificial tanning to allow time for the application to settle down and create an even coating. Remember that these agents aren't prejudiced and will tan clothes just as well as they do your skin, so be careful when choosing what you wear afterwards. If possible always choose clothing that is darker and preferably something that is old and won't matter if a stain is left on it. With a little care there is no reason why you cannot have a golden brown skin color throughout the year whilst keeping the method you use a secret, christian louboutin , if you just take note of the information provided here. 发帖者 e 时间: 下午6:56 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: vibram fivefingers Are you achieving your maximum erection? I was at a clinic recently to see the doctor for my flu. But something caught my attention whilst waiting for my turn. It was an advertisement by one of the biggest pharmaceutical company. And it read something like this… ‘you are not alone. More than 50% of male age 40 to 70 years old suffers some form of erectile dysfunction (ED)”.       ED is defined as a condition where the man either cannot keep an erection long enough to complete sex or the inability to get an erection, even with sexual stimulation ED can be temporary or permanent, ugg boots , depending on the severity. The older one gets, the more severe the degree of ED.       How can a person tell if he is suffering from some form of ED? The best is to consult your doctor but here is a fairly simple do-it-yourself way.       When you wake up in the morning, you should have an erection. A healthy male should have an erection at least once in three days. If you do not experience an erection within three days, chances are that you suffer from some degree of ED.       The setbacks if one is suffering from some form of ED are: - Cannot enjoy sex to the fullest for him or as a couple - Feeling of anxiety and depression - Feeling of less masculine or decreased self-esteem. - Less love-making sessions and may cause spouse to get suspicious of other woman.       There are many causes of ED. Some of the more common causes are stress at work, too much drinking, lack of sleep, mbt sko , andropause  and so on. But we need not know the ‘why’, unless you are in the medical field. As ordinary men, we just need to know the ‘how’. Or the how to overcome it.       While there are western drugs or medicines, there are other alternatives like using Chinese herbs, rolex , which are not harmful in the long term. Some herbs are not meant for ED only. They are used as a general energy booster. Even healthy males reported enjoying a more heighten love- making session. Do explore such alternatives, mbt shoes , which have a growing interest for substitutes to western drugs. However, the solution on using the herbs are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Do consult your doctor if you have severe ED or if in doubt.   发帖者 e 时间: 下午6:55 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: ugg boots Why You Should Use The Collect Knitting Tools Knitting is an ancient craft, this craft has been passed on from our ancestors, but this knitting went out of fashion. This is the best way to create the desired pattern instead of buying it from the shop. To create this fabric, if you are new, means that you have to learn simple steps in order to knit.   If you are really interested in knitting, you need not worry because knitting becomes simple when using the correct knitting tools, which are called knitting looms. For this you don't require many tools. You just have to start with a ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. To begin with the stitching, your yarn spinners will give you information about stitches, mbt shoes , and rows which that particular yarn you can anticipate to knit using specific set of needles. And if you are not getting such information from those yarn spinners, then you should ask a retailer. Generally the numbers of stitches are found in the area of around 10 cm square or around 4 inches. This will be helpful in case of the small samples in this you can see how many stitches come into view, in 1 inch this will let skip the partial stitches and hence they will not be counted, resulting in a wrong pattern. For this purpose you need to purchase a type of yarn that will be able to make about 20 to 22 stitches in an area of 10 cm or 4 inches for about 28 to 30 rows about 4 inches in stocking stitch. Beginner often prefer to work with 100% acrylic. For knitting purpose another requirement is knitting needle. You must have a pair of knitting needles. To start with and for  life long buy aluminum and nickel plated brass knitting needles. Other types of needles are also available in the form of bamboo, nike sko , plastic, nike air max , rosewood and any metal. The needles which you are purchasing must be smooth as well, not easily bendable. Once you have all the required things, then you should learn how to make a slip knot. This knot is generally preferred for sweaters, socks and scarves. For this, first of all take a end of yarn and unwind around two to three yards. Next, hold it in between thumb and finger such that the ball end is going away from the thumb across inside of the finger. At this stage wind it around finger. Now insert the needle point under this circle. Tip the needle over by lifting the crossing over strand back up through the loop. This is the loop now to carefully lift (the yarn) from your finger and draw it up. Making use of this loop, now start with the desired stitch. Make use of the knit stitch or purl stitches.   Muna wa Wanjiru Has Been Researching and Reporting on Knitting for Years. For More Information on Knitting, rolex watches , Visit His Site at  KNITTING   发帖者 e 时间: 下午6:55 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: mbt shoes 2010年8月15日星期日 Start A Work At Home Business 3 Lucrative Business Ideas Are you tired of your job and want to start a 1. If you are just starting a work at home business this job would be simple: a virtual assistant. Many people who work at home do not have time to run their business and answer their phone and emails. A virtual assistant is their answer. If you start a work at home business and become a virtual assistant, louis vuitton , you will do the same job as an assistant but without the hassle of having to go to work. You wake up, walk downstairs, and get working. This is a great business that is on the rise and should definitely be considered as one of your top choices. 2. Another start a work at home business that is on the rise is an eBay shop. eBay is a simple website to use but many do not have the time to figure out how to use it to get the most money for their product. If you master eBay and create a shop to sell other peoples items, you can make a ton of money. If you start an eBay shop you should charge the customer a certain percentage of the profit they receive for their item, mbt schoenen , somewhere around 10%. The customers you will see are usually going to be busy adults with no time to sell items on eBay or older adults who just do not understand technology. If you do not want to have to deal with customers you could also create a specialty store. For instance, mbt scarpe prezzi , you could specialize in selling laptops. You would go around to stores or people and buy their laptops and then resell them on eBay, nike store , usually making a big profit. 3. Another start a This is a hard task to do, the hardest of the three businesses mentioned but can eventually become an easy job. If you learn how to write articles well and get a big clientele you could be making up to $15 or more an article. Also, if you get efficient at writing articles, you could then get two articles written an hour, making $30 an hour! 发帖者 e 时间: 上午12:52 没有评论: 通过电子邮件发送 BlogThis! 共享给 Twitter 共享给 Facebook 分享到Pinterest 标签: louis vuitton 较旧的博文 主页 订阅: 博文 (Atom) 关注者


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